Walk Bike Drive



Are you a driver and unsure of what to do when a cyclist is riding in the full lane in front of you? Are you a cyclist that wants to teach drivers how to act around you on the roads? Enroll your organization in our Walk Bike Drive program.

At the Hawaii Bicycling League, we strive to educate cyclists how to ride safely and confidently. But, we know that’s only part of the equation. Without the partnership of drivers, our roads wouldn’t be safe. And, we know that drivers don’t want to hit cyclists–they often just don’t know how to predict what cyclists are going to do.

Join us in our driver education program. Enroll your organization and we’ll teach them how to drive safely around cyclists and pedestrians in a presentation as short as 15 minutes, or as long as an hour. We’ll tailor the presentation to your audience. We welcome any group of 15 or more.

Walk Bike Drive participants learn about:

  • The laws that govern cylists
  • The most common crashes that occur between drivers and cyclists
  • How to pass cyclists safely
  • and more!