The Hawaii Bicycling League and the City and County of Honolulu have partnered to bring BikeEd Hawaii to fourth graders on Oahu. This comprehensive bicycle safety program teaches our keiki how to ride safely in our communities.. Through the efforts of many, the BikeEd(sm) Hawaii program has provided the knowledge and basic skills to begin to navigate school neighborhoods safely as bicyclists and pedestrians. Parents are encouraged to bike and walk with your child to develop these skills.

What is BikeEd Hawaii? ✓ A fun bike safety program by the Hawaii Bicycling League to teach all 4th graders in participating schools ✓ 4 or 5 days instruction of 45-60 minutes per class ✓ 2 BikeEd Hawaii Instructors per class(certified in Traffic Skills 101 by the League of American Bicyclists) ✓ On-campus/park instruction, followed by on-road instruction ✓ Beginner riders are able to participate and will receive instruction, time per-mitting ✓ Parent volunteers are welcome!

What Will Students Learn? ✓ Proper use of helmet, safety vest/bright clothes ✓ The “6-Point Bicycle Safety Check” (Air, Brakes, Chain, Handlebar, Pedals, Seat) ✓ Ride on the RIGHT side of the road and stay on CHECKPOINT (2-3 ft. from the curb or parked vehicle) ✓ Correct procedures at stop signs, inter-sections, and U-turns ✓ Safe driveway exit ✓ Bicycling safely is fun!

Activities for Parents: ✓ Volunteer in your child’s BikeEd Hawaii classes (contact teacher) ✓ Buy your child a bicycle from a local bike shop (local bicycling resource experts!) ✓ Ride with your child for at least 30 hours outside of class in the next 6 months ✓ Volunteer to organize other bike rides with student’s school ✓ Go to to check out your child’s BikeEd school pho-tos and to learn more about HBL ✓ Develop “Safe Routes to School” for your child and school ✓ Organize Bike Parades with HBL

“I just want to take a moment to thank your organization for teaching my son, Aidan, to ride a bike!! I have tried to for years, but because he is big for his age, I couldn’t find training wheels that would support him. He is so excited about riding a bike that we are going to be getting him a bike for Christmas. I can’t wait to ride as a family around our subdivision. Please thank the instructors that made this happen.” – Chrysti